Portfolio Management Reading List

I spent the last few hours wading through 50 pages of book titles on Amazon, searching for books focusing on project and not investment portfolio management. I found many more books than I expected to, about 50, all listed below.

Among those I found are texts targeting executives and a book written especially for middle managers, as well as a 286 page text on interpersonal skills for portfolio, program and project managers (who imagined there was so much to say!).

When I first created this blog I planned to focus on R&D portfolio management (hence the URL rndportfoliomanagement.com), but through the reading I’ve done I’ve grown interested in Corporate and IT portfolio management. So books on all three topics are included–among the 50 you’ll find five or six titles dedicated to IT portfolio management, fewer dedicated to R&D and Corporate portfolio management (because fewer have been written), and the bulk focusing on portfolio management in general.

I didn’t include several texts on specific portfolio management applications, such as Primavera (you can easily search for books of this type on Amazon), similarly, I excluded texts on portfolio decision analysis that seemed more academic than applied.

All book titles are linked to my review of the book, for those I’ve reviewed, or to the book’s Amazon page, for those I haven’t. Books that are on the reference list for the Project Management Institute’s Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Credential Examination are asterisked.

If there is a book on this list that you recommend, please leave a comment below and tell us why. If a book your recommend is missing from the list, leave the title in a comment below and I’ll add it.

I wish you good reading!

Archibald, R.D. and Archibald, S.C. Leading & Managing Innovation: What Every Executive Team Must Know about Project, Program & Portfolio Management. (West Conshohocken: PA, Infinity Publishing, 2013, 139 pp.)

Axelos. An Executive Guide to Portfolio Management, 2nd ed. (The Stationery Office, 2012, 54 pp.)

Axelos. Management of Portfolios Book. (The Stationery Office, 2011, 180 pp.)

Axelos. Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices, 2nd ed. (The Stationery Office, 2013, 232 pp.)

Bayney, R.M. and Chakravarti, R. Enterprise Project Portfolio Management: Building Competencies for R&D and IT Investment Success. (Plantation: FL, J. Ross Publishing, Inc., 2012, 384 pp.)

Bible, M.J., and Bivins, S.S. Mastering Project Portfolio Management: A Systems Approach to Achieving Strategic Objectives. (Ft. Lauderdale: FL, J. Ross Publishing, Inc., 2011, 341 pp.)*

Blokdijk, G. Portfolio Management – Simple Steps to Win, Insights and Opportunities for Maxing Out Success. (Complete Publishing, 2015, 196 pp.)

Blomquist, T. and Moller, R. Middle Managers in Program and Project Portfolio Management: Practices, Roles and Responsibilities. (Project Management Institute, 2006, 103 pp.)

Bonham, S.S. IT Project Portfolio Management. (Norwood: MA, Arctech House, Inc., 2005, 286 pp.)

Carroll, J. Project Program and Portfolio Management in Easy Steps. (Warwickshire: UK, In Easy Steps, Ltd., 2014, 192 pp.)

Cooper, R.G., Edgett, S.J. and Kleinschmidt, E.J. Portfolio Management for New Products, 2nd ed. (New York: NY, Basic Books, 2002; 11 chapters, 382 pp.)*

Crawford, J.K. Project Portfolio Management Maturity Model, 3rd ed. (Boca Raton: FL, Auerbach Publications, 2014, 247 pp.)

Durbin, P. and Doerscher, T. Taming Change With Portfolio Management: Unify Your Organization, Sharpen Your Strategy, and Create Measurable Value. (Austin: TX, Greenleaf Book Group LLC, 2010, 352 pp.)

Enoch, C.N. Project Portfolio Management: A Model for Improved Decision Making. (Business Expert Press, 2015, 130 pp.)

50Minutes.com. BCG Growth-Share Matrix: The key to portfolio management. (50Minutes.com, 2015, 30 pp.)

Fitzpatrick, E.W. Planning and Implementing IT Portfolio Management: Maximizing the Return on Information Technology Investments. (Gaithersburg: MD, IT Economics Corporation, 2005, 256 pp.)

Garibaldi, C., Magill, J., Martin, C., Ravin, M., Ku, M., Ducoing, M. PPM! Manage Your Organization Masterfully with Project Portfolio Management. (Deloitte Development, LLC, 2015, 58 pp.)

Harpum, P. Portfolio, Program, and Project Management in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries. (Hoboken: NJ, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2010, 352 pp.)

Johnson, W.H.A. and Parente, D.H. Project Strategy and Strategic Portfolio Management: A Primer. (New York: NY, Business Expert Express, LLC, 2013, 200 pp.)

Kaplan, J. Strategic IT Portfolio Management: Governing Enterprise Transformation. (USA, PRTM, Inc., 2005, 285 pp.)

Kendall, G.I. and Rollins, S.C. Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO: Multiplying ROI at Warp Speed. (Boca Raton: FL, J. Ross Publishing, 2003, 434 pp.)*

Kloppenborg, T.J. and Laning, L.J. Strategic Leadership of Portfolio and Project Management. (New York: NY, Business Expert Press LLC, 2012, 235 pp.)

Kodukula, P. Organizational Project Portfolio Management: A Practitioner’s Guide. (Plantation: FL, J. Ross Publishing, Inc., 2014, 328 pp.)

Krebs, J. Agile Portfolio Management. (Redmond: WA, Microsoft Press, 2009, 240 pp.)

Levatec, C.J. Strategic Benefits Realization: Optimizing Value Through Programs, Portfolios and Organizational Change Management. (Plantation: FL, J. Ross Publishing, Inc., 2014, 312 pp.)

Levatec, C.J. The Program Management Office: Establishing, Managing and Growing the Value of a PMO. (Ft. Lauderdale: FL, J. Ross Publishing, Inc., 2006, 388 pp.)*

Levin, G. Interpersonal Skills for Portfolio, Program, and Project Managers. (Vienna: VA, Management Concepts, 2010, 286 pp.)

Levine, H.A. Project Portfolio Management: A Practical Guide to Selecting Projects, Managing Portfolios and Maximizing Benefits. (San Francisco: CA, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 538 pp.)*

Lister, G. Mastering Project, Program, and Portfolio Management: Models for Structuring and Executing the Project Hierarchy. (Upper Saddle River: NJ, Pearson Education, Ltd., 2015, 208 pp.)

Maizlish, B. and Handler, R. IT Portfolio Management: Unlocking the Business Value of Technology. (Hoboken: NJ, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2005, 400 pp.)

Mello, S., Mackey, W., Lasser, R., Tait, R. Value Innovation Portfolio Management: Achieving Double-Digit Growth Through Customer Value. (Fort Lauderdale: FL, J. Ross Publishing, 2006, 273 pp.)

Menard, M. A Fish in Your Ear: The New Discipline of Project Portfolio Management. (North Charleston:SC, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012, 236 pp.)

Moore, S. Strategic Project Portfolio Management: Enabling a Productive Organization. (Hoboken: NJ, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2009, 192 pp.)

Morris, P. and Jamieson, A. Translating Corporate Strategy into Project Strategy. (Newtown Square: PA, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2004, 116 pp.)*

Morris, P.W.G. and Pinto, J.K. The Wiley Guide to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. (Hoboken: NJ, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2007, 364 pp.)

Patanakul, P. Effectiveness in Project Portfolio Management. (Project Management Institute, 2013, 66 pp.)

Pennypacker, J.S. and Dye, L, eds. Managing Multiple Projects: Planning, Scheduling, and Allocating Resources for Competitive Advantage. (New York: NY, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2002, 342 pp)

Perry, M.P. Business Driven Project Portfolio Management: Conquering the Top Ten Risks that Threaten Success. (Fort Lauderdale: FL, J. Ross Publishing, 2011, 300 pp.)*

Project Management Institute. Governance of Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: A Practice Guide. (Newtown Square: PA, PMI Inc., 2016)

Project Management Institute. The Standard for Portfolio Management, 3rd Ed. (Newtown Square: PA, PMI Inc., 2013; 8 chapters, 189 pp.)*

Rad, P.F. and Levin, G. Project Portfolio Management Tools & Techniques. (New York: NY, Institute for International Learning, Inc., 2006, 144 pp.)

Rajegopal, S., McGuin, P., Waller, J. Project Portfolio Management: Leading the Corporate Vision. (New York: NY, Palgrave MacMillan, 2007, 241 pp.)

Ramani, S. Improving Business Performance: A Project Portfolio Management Approach. (CRC Press, 2016, 234 pp.)

Rollins, S.C. and Lanza, R.B. Essential Project Governance Investment and Reporting: Preventing Project Fraud and Ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance. (Boca Raton: FL, J. Ross Publishing, 2005, 263 pp.)*

Rothman, J. Manage Your Project Portfolio:: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects. (Raleigh: NC, The Pragmatic Bookshelf,  2009, 210 pp.)

Sanwal, A. Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management: Aligning Investment Proposals With Organizational Strategy. (Hoboken: NJ, John Wiley and Sons, 2007, 190pp.)*

Stephenson, H.L. AACE International Total Cost Management Framework: An Integrated Approach to Portfolio, Program, and Project Management, 2nd ed. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015, 332 pp.)

Tan, A.W.K. and Theodorou, P. Strategic Information Technology and Portfolio Management. (Hershey: PA, IGI Global, 2009, 466 pp.)

Voehl, C.F., Harrington, H.J., Ruggles, W.S. Effective Portfolio Management Systems. (Boca Raton: FL, CRC Press, 2016, 190 pp.)

*This book is on the Reference List for the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Credential Examination

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